Our Services

Our company gives you plenty of opportunities and chances to spend your special day with luxury and comfort. We provide our vehicles for a wide variety of occasions, including special days and parties. Our business started as an airport pickup service, but now we can offer you other services too!

We have a huge fleet, so you can choose an appropriate vehicle for a party of any size. We also possess rare vintage vehicles and vehicles with special features for disabled people.

  • Limo services for business meetings.
    If you want to impress your clients and make your arrival memorable, you definitely need a limo. Our driver will make your trip safe and comfortable. If you are traveling with a partner, you will get guaranteed privacy, so you will be able to discuss your business. If you’re traveling alone, our driver will make you feel secure, so you can work.
  • Shuttle services.
    If you need to be taken to and from airport, bus station or railroad station with your party, our driver will arrange that. Our service allows you to pick a vehicle you really need.
  • Airport pick up.
    If you are coming to a city you’ve never been to before you want to invest in your safety. Getting a taxicab is not always an option as it doesn’t allow you to travel with comfort. We can grant you an on-time pickup. You can choose a vehicle you like (sedan, limo, hummer, shuttle, etc.) and enjoy your trip. Our drivers monitor flight schedule, so you don’t have to call us if it’s delayed.
  • City tours.
    If you want to enjoy a ride through the city and see the beauty of it, our city tour is just what you need. We have chaperones and guides who can entertain you and tell different city legends and stories while you’re riding in an executive vehicle.
  • Parties.
    If you’re planning a bachelor party or want to rent a limo or a bus for your wedding, we can help you out here. We also have party buses for rent, so you can enjoy a party on the go. Our fleet includes a number of those vehicles, so you can always find something for yourself. We have buses for parties as small as 5 people and for parties for 40 people.

If you have any further questions, you can call or visit our office. If you come to check out our fleet, our manager can help you find the best vehicle. You can look around and make your party or trip completely unforgettable.

If you’re planning to come to Edmonton and you need a shuttle pick up, you can schedule it by calling the office or you can make a reservation online.